what to expect during labor for first-time moms

Do we say I was born or I am born?

The only fair usage of “I am born.” is metaphorically; “I am born again”. So, it would be better to use “I was born.” P.S. If you could provide a context, it would be helpful.

We use was/were born when we talk about when or where someone started their life : I was born in 1988. Not: I am born in 1988. or I born in 1988.May 25, 2022

I was born vs I was borned. The correct phrase here is "I was born," because the past tense of the verb "born" is also "born." The word "borne," however, is the past tense of the verb "bear."

Bronch- comes from the Greek brónchos, meaning “windpipe ,” another name for the trachea.

What is the meaning of origin and will?

Will as a boy's name is of Old English and Old German origin, and the meaning of Will is "desiring peace, will helmet, or protection ".

1200, "fact of being born;" mid-13c., "act of giving birth, a bringing forth by the mother, childbirth," sometimes in Middle English also "conception;" also "that which is born, offspring, child;" from a Scandinavian source such as Old Norse *byrðr (replacing cognate Old English gebyrd "birth, descent, race; offspring; ...